Any time you establish a completely new website, it’s critical to locate the best layout for it. With the Host-Crunch Web Hosting Web Control Panel you can do that extremely fast. We have got for you a wide range of more than 800 distinct web site designs accessible for free of cost. They are offered with our cloud hosting accounts and are also absolutely easy to customize.

Just about all of the styles were created for only Host-Crunch Web Hosting’s solutions and aren’t offered anywhere else outside of the Control Panel. Which means the chances to discover somebody else utilizing the same theme just like you tend to be minimal.

800+ Bonus Web Templates

100% customizable. Auto Installing

In our Control Panel you can find a array of 800+ bonus web templates. They all are suitable for anyone that would like to quickly generate a completely new site along with a customized theme, never having to expend a lot of time researching numerous template galleries online.

The web templates are matched to the most popular types of websites – blogs, portfolio pages, community forums, sites of non–profit associations, e–stores, enterprise sites, etc.

Free Website Themes

Bonus App Web Templates

Grab bonus web templates for your upcoming app

With the tools that you’ve got for you in the Host-Crunch Web Hosting Control Panel, it’s easy to build a brand new Joomla web site or a WordPress blog completely from scratch. You can also pick a nice looking style for your website from the large variety of customizable templates.

You can find a completely new customizable theme with the following applications: Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle (e–learning), Mambo (CMS) and 4Images (image gallery). Host-Crunch Web Hosting’s themes are suitable for all releases of the aforementioned apps and can be obtained completely free at any moment.

Free App Themes

Bonus Site Builder Web Templates

100+ thoroughly customizable bonus web templates

If you would like create your own website and save money on web site design, you are able to make full use of our Free Of Charge Website Builder. It’s a web template–centered website builder that will need no HTML or CSS experience from you, and it’s accessible for free with all of our cloud hosting plans.

The tool provides you with more than 100 exceptional styles and designs, which you’ll fully modify to your taste. As these bonus web templates were created only for the site builder, there is no doubt that when you make your website, it will be unique.

Free Site Builder Themes